The Coordinates

Port Town is in the in the infancy of an urban revitalization, which is attracting young creatives and entrepreneurs in droves. A variety of new eclectic restaurants, coffee shops, craft breweries (highest concentration in Canada) and creative businesses have opened their doors over the past few years. Port Town is home to Parallel 49 Brewing's head office & brewery and the original JJ Bean Coffee Roasters. Major commercial developments are currently under construction such as the 300,000 sq.ft. Terminal City Iron Works project by Conwest Developments, which is expected to add over 50 new businesses and 1,000 daytime employees to Port Town over the next 2 years.


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IN OUR BUILDING: The Pie Shoppe, Trans Am Restaurant, Aleph Eatery, The Hive Printing

1.  Parallel 49 Brewing

2. Coal Harbour Brewing

3. Doan's Craft Brewing

4. Odd Society Distillery

5. Powell Street Craft Brewery

6. Adina Craft Brewing

7. Storm Brewing

8. Callister Brewing

9. Pallet Coffee Roasters

10. JJ Bean Coffee Roasters

11. Bistro Wagon Rouge

12. Scandilicious

13. Princeton Hotel

14. McDonald’s

15. Subway

16. A&W

17. Husky Corner Store

18. No Frills

19. Mixed Use Development (2.5 acres)

20. “The Arc” Artist Lofts

21. Dundas Eat + Drink

22. Resurrection Spirits